Auto Accident Injury

The best time to see your chiropractor after auto accident injury is now!

Every auto accident, even a fender bender, can result in auto accident injury. Tiny injuries in muscles, tendons, and bones subjected to a sudden stop can morph into debilitating injuries and constant pain days, weeks, months, or even years later, when you don't even remember the accident that caused them. Your chiropractor is an expert in treating problems in the neck and back that result from auto accident injury. Here are three things your chiropractor Dr. Mark J. Glaccum at Glaccum Chiropractic Center in Thomasville, GA wants you to know.


Every auto accident results in injury.

About six million people in the United States are involved in a major or minor car crash every year. Most people who are involved in car crashes are able to walk away from them. They get so involved in accident reports and insurance claims and finding alternative transportation that they don't even think about getting checked out for auto accident injury. That is, until they have nagging neck or back pain that just won't go away.

Auto accident injuries aren't obvious right away.

Every patient is unique, but there is a common pattern. Whiplash from a sudden stop, even if it is a sudden stop from traveling at 2 miles per hour, causes microscopic tears in muscles in the neck. This subtle muscle injury doesn't cause any symptoms until the immune system is able to repair it by sending out white blood cells that generate swelling and inflammation.

The inflammation hurts. The swelling causes neck muscles that are attached directly to the cervical spine (the bones in your neck) to pull the vertebrae out of line. These misaligned vertebrae may "pinch" a nerve. You may develop bad posture to compensate for the pain in your neck that causes other parts of your spine to be pulled out of line. In this way, a microscopic injury grows into major pain and debility until it is treated.

Your chiropractor has a unique skill set for treating auto accident injury.

Chiropractors are experts in treating injuries of the spine. They have an array of non-surgical, drug-free tools to relieve pain and get you back to normal function. When your injury is due to an auto accident, it's usually your auto insurance, not your medical insurance, that will pay for your treatment.

Glaccum Chiropractic Center is here to help.

Don't wait for symptoms to develop and linger before you get help from your chiropractor. Your chiropractor at Glaccum Chiropractic Center can identify subtle effects of auto accident injury and help you keep them from getting worse. Request an appointment online or call us for an appointment at (229)-226-3101 today! The offices of Glaccum Chiropractic Center are located at 415 Gordon Ave, Thomasville, GA, 31792.


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